Talented. Dedicated. Genuine. The team at Polished Paws cares deeply about you and your pet. Our groomers have been trained by the award-winning Dawn Omboy, “The Queen of Color,” and will assist you in choosing which creative coloring technique best fits your pet’s personality. And they stop at nothing less than a world-class experience, every single time.


Jackie Wilson

Jackie, our salon manager, has been with the Avon Lake Pet Health Campus team since 1993. She started as a veterinary assistant with Avon Lake Animal Clinic and in 1994 transitioned to Polished Paws Salon & Boutique to become a pet stylist. Jackie is responsible for the management duties in addition to being a full time groomer. She works hard in her field and truly enjoys being able to perform a variety of cuts and colors on the animals she grooms. Jackie is loyal to her profession and believes our salon is “second to none” when it comes to animal grooming. She shares her home with her husband, Patrick, and daughter, Grace. Their pets include an English Mastiff, Willard; a Russian White Golden Retriever, Nick; a Pomeranian, Miley; and a cat named Sissy. In her free time, Jackie enjoys reading, shopping, and playing volleyball. She is also active in volunteering and fundraising for a local non-profit, animal rescue group, Love-A-Stray, and the local chapter of The American Cancer Society.

April Usselman

April has been a part of the Avon Lake Pet Health Campus since 1997. She initially started as a veterinary assistant at Avon Lake Animal Clinic, spending 5 years in that position. In 2002 she became a pet stylist with Polished Paws Salon & Boutique. April has always had a love for animals. Since she was a little girl, she has been known to bring home the lost and injured animals she would find. April is dedicated to her job and is always attending seminars to educate her on the newest, creative ways to groom. Her favorite part of being a pet stylist is watching her clients’ reactions to their pets’ first grooming. She also loves the feeling knowing her clients trust her with their pet’s style and care. April’s family includes a daughter, Savannah, two sons, Jacob and Luke, a grandson, Carson, and a granddaughter Ava Jo. She shares her home with her dog Moto (Dachshund) and two cats, Ford and Honey. When April isn’t working, she enjoys doing crafts, going to the gym, and spending time with her family.

Cindy Crago

Cindy has been a part of the Polished Paws Salon & Boutique team since 1997. She enjoys working with animals and is always striving to learn new grooming techniques. However, her favorite part of her job is the relationships she builds with her clients. Cindy shares her home with her husband and their 4 children. They have 6 pets: a Hurricane Katrina rescue, lab mix, Cajun; a Great Dane mix, Ramsey; two Boston Terriers, Shelby and Bugsie; and two cats, Stella and Cali. When she isn’t working, Cindy enjoys attending her children’s dance events, football games, and singing recitals. She is also an active singer herself and has performed in many weddings and events.

Ronnie (April) Dowell

Ronnie has been a part of the Polished Paws Salon & Boutique team since 2000. She began as a bathing technician and then in 2004 was promoted to a pet stylist. Our experienced grooming team trained Ronnie on-site. Since becoming a stylist, she has also attended multiple grooming seminars to advance her craft. Ronnie loves the variety of groom styles she is able to perform and enjoys helping pets look and feel great. When not at work, Ronnie enjoys baking, walking her dog, and spending time with her daughter Amelia. They share their home with a mixed breed dog, Leo; two cats, Nutmeg and Minnie; and a chinchilla, Foxy.

Brittany Bowman

Brittany has been a part of the Polished Paws Salon & Boutique team since 2011. She enjoys many things about being a pet stylist, but has the most fondness for watching her young puppies grow and mature into adult dogs. Brittany has been trained extensively on-site and constantly attends continuing education seminars, learning as much as she can to further her creative grooming talents. She shares her home with her husband and 3 pets: a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie, and two shorthaired cats, Simba and Kratos. Her hobbies include raising tropical freshwater fish, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Rebekah Zipay

Although new to our current team, Rebekah is no stranger to the grooming industry or to our salon. She recently returned to Northeast Ohio and rejoined Polished Paws Salon & Boutique in August 2015. Rebekah has over 20 years grooming experience including a previous 6-year tenure at Polished Paws Salon & Boutique. After her first venture with Polished Paws, Rebekah moved to New York City and owned her own grooming business making house calls in Manhattan. She was in New York City for 10 years before electing a change of pace and moved to rural South Carolina. She spent 2 years there prior to returning home to Ohio. Rebekah’s extensive grooming experience and her love for animals show through the styles she creates. She enjoys working with dogs that find grooming to be a less than desirable activity. Rebekah hopes to help them through this process with patience and positive reinforcement to one-day change their outlook on grooming. She shares her home with two Boston Terriers, Jeter & Layla, a Bichon mix, Pearl, and a tabby cat named Simon. In her free time Rebekah enjoys spending time outdoors camping, kayaking and enjoying all things nature. In the winter, she can be found warm and toasty indoors with a good book or working on an art project.


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“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

-A.D. Williams

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

-A.D. Williams