Coloring & Stenciling

Stand out in style.



Coloring is a way to accent your pet’s personality through artistic flair. Options include:
  • Chalk accents
  • Body and ear bling
  • Pet petals
  • Pet glitter tattoos
  • Stenciling
  • Color highlights
  • …and more!
Whether you choose a temporary coloring lasting just a few days or the semi-permanent option lasting up to 18 weeks, your pet will be the talk of the town. You will love the way they look and they will love the extra attention they receive.


Stenciling is a fun option for adding a pop of color! Pet stenciling uses a water based, non-toxic product lasting for approximately 7-14 days after application. It can be applied as a walk-in service or added to any bathing or grooming appointment. This unique service allows your four-legged friend to partake in the holiday festivities, show off their team spirit, or accessorize a new haircut. Design your own, choose from our photo gallery, or contact one of our groomers for suggestions as to what would look best on your pet. Stenciling is easily applied and readily washes out with mild shampoo.